Bohemian Gypsy Girl is not just an art page. It’s not just the story of being a creative woman, and trying to live a creative life. It is all of those things, but not JUST those things. It’s the story of women owning what is theirs, owning their power, saying “yes” when they mean yes and “no” when they mean no and being heard. So much of art derives from joy or pain, poverty or riches, loss and love.

We cannot have a conversation about the use of “gypsy” without mentioning what it specifically means to be Romani and a woman facing racism, classism and sexism, excluded from traditional feminist and Romani activist movements. So, while the use of the word “gypsy” seems innocent, it is dangerous to Romani women. It conjures up a romanticized image of poverty and sexualization, which doesn’t acknowledge that there is nothing romantic about being a victim of institutionalized racism. 

Acknowledging this racism, and taking back the language and society that has held us captive is the goal. This artists page is for Romani women, for black women, for LGBTQ+ women, for single mothers, for aging queens, for Hispanic women, for all women because we have been silenced, placated, and underestimated for far too long. Find your spirit. Let your journey be your passion that you show the world, or quietly nurture. It’s your choice.

Artistry in All Forms

She has never been able to stop herself from doing “too much” because that is what drives her, or saves her. If she wants color, she paints. If she wants to write, she writes. If she wants to dance, she dances. If she wants to travel, she travels. If she wants to swing for the trapeze, she swings. If she wants to make a movie, she films. If she wants to shoot photography, she shoots. If she wants to run naked through up mountains, she runs. Don’t try to stop her. It will only kill her spirit.

“Just hear me out and I won’t say anything else. I believe that there is a magical, unnamable connection that some people have together. I don’t want to be a planet. Another star in a star-filled sky. I want to be someone’s Aurora Borealis.”

Quote from Maggie and the Faux Surfer Virgin Hunter & Other Bawdy Tales